About me

Hello! I'm Marco, a guy from Remanzacco, a town nearby Udine. Since when I was child my parents brought me to the mountains in Friuli (and not only). Long walks and hikes on small walls have always been part of my free time, stolen from the study and school. After, I competed in various sports:

football (of course), volleyball, tennis,  judo, and finally landed at Rugby. 









While I was attending the high school years I devoted to this noble sport, hard in the game but sweet in dealing with people. During these years I learned discipline and hard work to achieve goals, so at the end of my high school studies i landed  in  professionalism. 

It was a challenging year because I also started studing Forest Sciences at the Padua University, and because the commitment required was very high. I worked hard but the strong passion for the mountains that I always cultivated throughout my life could no longer remain in the background. Also because of my free spirit, I decided to give up on this beautiful sport and dedicate myself to something more complete both mental and physical: mountain climbing.


While my university studies continued, I found a nice environment of exceptional climbers in Padua. Thanks to the teachings due from the various sports I began and with a little self-discipline, to train constantly. With my cousin, my first climbing partner,I went around a bit doing many classic climbs. 

So, after many repeated classic and modern ascents of  Friuli, I devoted myself to the Dolomites and to open some new routes. All these climbs filled me so much that at the end of February 2011 I was able to take the road that I had always dreamed of: attend the selections for admission to the courses of Mountain Guide. 
Since 2012, I am officially  Mountain Guide, and I have the opportunity and the chance to share my passion working with people.

Alpine Guide

Prices depend on the climbings, however, normally are: 

1 person 250 € 
2 people  150 €  each 
For several days, of course a discount will be applied. 
Transport, accommodation, and other expenses shall be paied by the customer. 
I remember the advantage of being allowed to go with the car in the forest roads round the Friuli area. 


The Mountain Guide is the only occupation recognized by law in Italy, authorized and prepared to bring and assist people in all alpine activities and environments. 


The mountain Guide is an experienced and competent professional, thanks to his training and experience, that goes with the highest security with people in the mountains. It also performs training courses to learn how to move safely in the mountain environment in the various disciplines.




















Peace and Rock




Guida Alpina     Marco Milanese       Via Blaceo 10 – 33047 Remanzacco (UD)        P.IVA 02725340307 – c.f. MLN MRC 87H15 H816O

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